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Best Internal Cleanse and Body Detox Programs

Multiple Cleanse Packs

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     Multiple Cleanse Kits refer to the 30 Day Cleanse and Detox programs, or kits, that are ordered with special discount prices already figured into the price for multiple cleanse kit orders. When you order more than one cleanse kit, your pay full price for the first cleanse kit, and the second is discounted. For each kit you purchase after paying full price for the first, you will receive a discount for each additional kit. The kits have to be purchased together at the time of checkout.

    This product is an effective cleanse and detoxing with optimal results in four weeks for one kit. Manufactured in the U.S. with all natural ingredients, this all natural detox and cleansing treatment consists of a detox and cleansing fiber powder, a detox and cleansing herbal tea, and a parasite removal formula. A probiotic may be added at additional cost from our PROBIOTICS page.

     For those who are new to internal cleansing and detoxing, It is recommended to use a 30 day supply of this excellent product for a minimum of 30 days, at least twice a year, but a single application can be extended to 60 days with the purchase of two.

     Each kit beyond the first kit you purchase at full price saves you on each additional kit, as long as you purchase them together, and they are shipped to a single address in the United States. 

     And of course, all orders over $95.00 are charged no shipping. However, the free shipping only applies to orders shipped within the continental United States.

     Give us a call if you wish to place a large order over the phone, our use the convenient links below.    




All Natural 30 Day Cleanse and Detox - $79.95


 1 Cleansing and Detox Fiber, 1 Cleansing and Detox Tea, 1 Antiparasite Capsules


2 - All Natural 30 Day Cleanse and Detox - $159.00


 2 Cleansing and Detox Fiber, 2 Cleansing and Detox Tea, 2 Antiparasite Capsules


3 All Natural 30 Day Cleanse and Detox - $239.00


  3 Cleansing and Detox Fiber, 3 Cleansing and Detox Tea, 3 Antiparasite Capsules


4 All Natural Formula 30 Cleanse and Day Detox - $239.00


 4 Cleansing and Detox Fiber, 4 Cleansing and Detox Tea, 4 Antiparasite Capsules


 5 All Natural 30 Day Cleanse and Detox - $399.00


  5 Cleansing and Detox Fiber, 5 Cleansing and Detox Tea, 5 Antiparasite Capsules



6 All Natural 30 Day Cleanse and Detox - $479.00


  6 Cleansing and Detox Fiber, 6 Cleansing and Detox Tea, 6 Antiparasite Capsules





These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

"Be good to your body. Do it for your health!"